Sustainable Investment Integration

Sustainable investment integration

Core SRI/ESG skills for investment professionals

Booking Details

2 x half days

€1,890 + VAT (discounts available)

Lead trainer: Mike Tyrrell

Upcoming Classes

3 & 10 April 2023

5 & 12 June 2023

This course equips 'mainstream' financial analysts with the technical and communications skills and motivations needed to apply sustainability factors into their valuation and investment processes.


After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify relevant sustainability and corporate governance factors and integrate these into your investment research and decision-making
  • Communicate confidently with companies, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders about these factors and their relevance (or not) to your investment activities

Who should participate

  • 'Mainstream' financial analysts or portfolio managers - including those with an active mandate to 'integrate' and those with a general interest or corporate requirement to do so

Course Elements

Half Day 1

The first half-day establishes the motivations for integration and focuses on identifying sustainability and corporate governance issues and applying these to stocks and sectors including:

Half Day 2

The second half-day focuses on integrating sustainability issues into all stages of the investment decision-making process including

1. Context & foundations
2. What is 'ESG integration'?
3. Integration into valuation (basics)
4. Integration into valuation (case study)
5. A practitioner's view

6. Academic evidence
7. Issue identification exercise
8. Leveraging internal & external resources
9. Tools & tips for applying ESG integration objectives to day-to-day work