Sustainable Investment Fundamentals

Sustainable Investment Fundamentals

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2 x half days

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Trainers: Aline R. Gustafsson,
Willem Schramade & Mike Tyrrell

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Over two half-days, this course makes extensive use of practical experiences, live interviews and case studies to introduce investment professionals to ESG & sustainable investment - from defining what it is to making it part of the 'day job'.


After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand the sustainable investment landscape (including definitions applied, strategies used, issues addressed, market size and growth, key players, regulatory framework etc)
  • Be able to forecast likely future trends from your understanding of the industry's history and current direction of travel
  • Recognise the motivations and perspectives of different players in the value chain and understand how they interact (including understanding the way that companies and investors interact)
  • Have experienced the views of current practitioners through presentations and interviews
  • Be aware of the commercial and business dynamics that determine who succeeds and who fails in sustainable investment
  • Understand the various ways by which sustainability and corporate governance factors are integrated into valuation

Who should participate

  • Investment professionals with a need to understand the fundamentals of sustainable investment and the trends and commercial dynamics that operate within the industry.

Course Elements

1. Introduction to sustainable investment
2. Market participants and their interactions
3. The economics and dynamics of the value chain
4. Interviews and subject-focused presentations
5. Integrating sustainability factors into valuation