Training for a time of transition

Sustainability reporting and ESG communications – for Saudi Arabian companies

The SITA team would like to thank our hosts (the Saudi Exchange), our guests (Neil Brown, Head of Equities, GIB Asset Management, Linnet Cotterill, ESG Analyst, HSBC Investment Research and Emma Simo, Senior Manager, ESG & Excellence, Investor Relations, SABIC) and the participants (investor relations and CSR managers from over 50 companies listed in Saudi Arabia) for their participation in a stimulating pair of training sessions on sustainability reporting and ESG communications with investors.

The course, we believe, differentiated itself by being:

  • Transition-driven
  • Stock-exchange-hosted
  • Practitioner-guided
  • Highly-participative
  • Investor-focused
  • Action-orientated
  • Locally-relevant
  • Mainstream-aligned’

As such it embodied what we believe so strongly at SITA:

To be effective, training must be directly and immediately actionable in the specific context by course participants.

So, if we have done our job properly, we look forward to seeing a flow of materiality-informed, investor-relevant sustainability reports and communications by Saudi Arabian companies over the coming years.

In particular, we thank our guests (Neil, Linnet and Emma) for demonstrating how sustainability issues can be aligned with regional and investor priorities and the Saudi Exchange for recognising how sustainability can be a tool for their listing companies to open up access to global capital.

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Mike Tyrrell has 20 years experience in sustainable investment with positions at Jupiter Asset Management, HSBC Global Equities and Citi Investment Research​ Ranked #1 for sustainable investment research in the Extel Survey throughout this period. ​He launched in 2009 - the sustainable investment industry's online global research network which he know manages. ​ Mike has widespread experience of training on sustainable investment including delivery of training courses for sell-side, buy-side and corporate clients. ​