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Why we train

We don’t train because we need to. We train because we want to.

We don’t train because we have a commercial model that tells us to deliver X iterations of Course Y at a margin of Z. We train because, as individuals, we are inspired by the world that could be if capital markets factored environmental, social, economic and financial factors into investment decision-making and asset pricing.

We don’t train because it is our job. We train because we are practitioners who have experienced over many years, the challenges and opportunities and successes and failures of sustainable investment and because we want to engage with and support people who are experiencing these afresh.

We believe in the power of sustainable investment but are not ‘captured’ by the industry, by the assumptions that it makes or the policies that it adopts. (And we are not afraid to tell you where we think the industry is not delivering what it could)

We do not believe that ‘ESG reduces risk’ … inherently and in all circumstances. Rather we believe that sustainable development and climate change mitigation will cause structural shifts in the economic fabric of our society and that the investors and companies that are best able to evaluate the risks and opportunities that arise from these will outperform their peers and deliver better value to their clients.

We won’t tell you that an ‘ESG rating’ contains all the answers. We will show you how to dig out the answers for yourselves on an ongoing basis as the market environment and asset pricing evolves.

We will always be wholly focused on the analytical and commercial needs of the specific group of individuals that we are training at any given moment.
We will always be excited by the idea that – at the end of one of our training courses – you can go back to your day job and deliver it more efficiently and more effectively and become excited by your own ability to deliver profitable sustainable change.

Fancy a piece of that?



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Mike Tyrrell
Mike Tyrrell
Mike Tyrrell has 20 years experience in sustainable investment with positions at Jupiter Asset Management, HSBC Global Equities and Citi Investment Research​ Ranked #1 for sustainable investment research in the Extel Survey throughout this period. ​He launched www.sri-connect.com in 2009 - the sustainable investment industry's online global research network which he know manages. ​ Mike has widespread experience of training on sustainable investment including delivery of training courses for sell-side, buy-side and corporate clients. ​


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